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Hosting FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you find a collection of questions and answers, as well as comprehensive documentation in the areas of web hosting, mail administration, accessing Unix systems, data transfer/sharing/exchange, and more. If you have any additional questions, simply send us an inquiry using Support Form.


Possessing a domain means only that you own a name. When you register your domain at deLink, you can, for example, send and receive e-mail for your domain without additional packages. If you want to setup a home page or a web site for your domain, you need a hosting package, in addition to a domain.
The Cloud package is ideal for basic web sites. If 2 GB disk space, 10 e-mail accounts and 1 database are sufficient for your web site, the cloud package will hit the spot. Read more...
The WebHome is the solution for you, if you need several separate e-mail accounts (up to 20) or if you want to implement active content in your Internet presence. WebHome offers you CGI capability, programming in PHP and Perl and up to 5 mySQL databases. Read more...
You require AVS light when you need several separate e-mail accounts, when you want to have the option to install certificates for secure SSL connections or several databases or when you need more storage capacity than is offered by WebHome. Read more...
When you have a greater desire or need for security, scalability and performance. The AVS pro server is a virtual LINUX platform which demonstrates only subtle differences as compared to a physical platform. Read more...
When your needs and desires exceed the performance of a virtual server, then deLink offers you a ready-for-use configured server. Read more...
The server system Managed HA Server from deLink will be the right solution, if you need a high sophisticated server system with high performance and permanent availibility. The server system consists of 2 managed servers. Read more...
All access to your web site hosted by deLink are logged containing detailed data. Evaluation of these logs utilising appropriate tools provide you with all the information you need for targeting optimisation of your Internet presence.
  • You can install your own appropriate tools.
    Since all web hosting products from deLink support cgi scripts, PERL, etc. you can install almost any commercial statistics-evaluation application. Statistics programs may require adapting configuration. System familiarisation can be helpful
  • deLink offers you ready-for-use installation of adapted statistics packages.
    The installation includes adaptation, password protection and automatic updates occurring at regular intervals.
  • Pre-installed Web-Statistics Package AWSTATS on deLink Hosting Platforms.
    Comprehensive information is stored concerning hits, visits, referrers and history. User-friendly navigation from page to page showing depicted results. Tooltips containing clarifying explanations on individual items. Attractive graphics. To AWStats Homepage...
The Hosting package AVS pro offers you an ideal platform for this purpose.
Here you can find comprehensive information on the subject of data backup on CD / DVD.
Backups can occur...
  • once
  • monthly
  • quarterly
  • as needed (by request)
Backups of all files can be carried out...
  • on your web site
  • from your log directories
  • from your mail directories
  • from your databases
Costs: Per CD / DVD 29,- € including added-value tax, handling and shipping
In case your web site requires more than one CD / DVD, each further CD / DVD 29,- € including added-value tax
Order: Simply send your order by e-mail to Please, specify whether backup data is to be unpacked or packed as ZIP archive.
Here you can find comprehensive information for setting up and administering your own e-mail systems. Read more...